Nanuet Union Free School District
101 Church Street
Nanuet, New York  10954


Area of Study:  Science

Grade Level/Course:  Grade 10
Biology / Living Environment

developed by:  F. Darsa

Nanuet Learner Standard(s): 

Cooperative Worker
Effective Communicator
Lifelong Learner
Resourceful Reasoner
Respectful/Responsible Citizen and Principled Person


New York State Learning Standard(s): 

MST Standard 4:  Science  (Commencement Level)

Students will understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the physical setting and living environment and recognize the historical development of ideas in science.

The Living Environment:  Key Idea 5:  Organisms maintain a dynamic equilibrium that sustains life.

MST Standard 2:  Information Systems   (Commencement Level)

Students will access, generate, process, and transfer information using appropriate technologies.

Key Idea 1:  Information technology is used to retrieve, process, and communicate information and as a tool to enhance learning


Nanuet Content Standard(s): 

Science Standard 3  (High School Level)

Students know the characteristics and structure of living things, the processes of life, and how living things interact with their environment.

Instructional Technology Standard 1:  Communication (High School Level)

Students will use technology to communicate effectively and creatively.

Instructional Technology Standard 2:  Information Access and Processing (High School Level)

Students will use technology tools to access, retrieve, interpret and evaluate information.

Instructional Technology Standard 3:  Productivity (High School Level)

Students will use technology and its applications to maximize personal and professional productivity.


Benchmarks (New York State/Nanuet):      


  • Relates processes at the system level to the cellular level in order to explain dynamic equilibrium in multi-celled organisms.

Instructional Technology:

  • Prepares multimedia presentations demonstrating a clear sense of audience and purpose.
  • Accesses, selects, collates, and analyzes information obtained from a wide range of sources such as research data bases, foundations, organizations, national libraries, and electronic communication networks, including the Internet.
  • Uses telecommunications for information sharing and online collaborative projects (networks and telecommunications).
  • Creates a sophisticated presentation that synthesizes a wide body of knowledge and that is suitable for an audience beyond the classroom (multimedia technologies).
  • Applies and integrates several forms of technology.


How the structure of each of the human body systems is adapted for its function.
Significant roles  chemical reactions play in the cell, in the organism, in man.
Identification of the major organs and functions of the human body.
Structure and functions of organs.
How systems are inter-related.
Humans must undergo life functions.


Students must be able to use the Scientific Method as a problem-solving tool.
Students should be able to organize, classify, and interpret data.
Students should be able to use good written communication and organizational skills.
Students should be able to follow outlines, stay on task, meet deadlines, and set interim goals.
Students will have been trained in Internet searching techniques.
Students must be competent in MS PowerPoint.

Context for the Task:

This project will take place during the 4th quarter. It will be worth a percentage of the 4th quarter grade.


"You and the members of your group have chosen or have been assigned a human body system.  You will create a PowerPoint multi-media presentation to present to the class.  The presentation should be 5 minutes long.   The task will be presented in such a way that each member of the group will actually present to the class. You will be required to keep a log of your progress; the log will be graded.

Your classmates, as well as your teacher, will have input into the grade you will receive on this project. The average grade your peers give you will be averaged with the grade you receive from the teacher."

Time and Materials Required to Complete the Task: 

Time: One month.

Materials:  Access to a computer with Internet access.


Teaching Tips: 

Before the students use PowerPoint they will need to be trained on how it is used. Once they are comfortable students can assist each other in completing the technology part of the task.

Possible Solutions:


    Excellent (3) Good (2) Poor (1)
A Ready to Present      
B Group Worked Well Together      
C Presentation was Well Organized      
D Project Complete      
E Design and Layout of Slides      
F Information was Correct and Thorough      
G Graphics are Accurate, Clear and Effective      
H Summary      
I Questions      



Updated 01/15/02